Sophie Kasaei

Digital Spy meets the 20-year-old to talk booze, boys and necking on. 12 things about 'Geordie Shore's Marnie Today's (September 7) celebrity pictures. Celebrity pictures: Naomi Watts, Pixie Lott Marnie Simpson will appear in series seven of the MTV reality show. Geordie Shore: Meet the show's new star Sophie Kasaei was allegedly heard using a racial slur on camera. 'Geordie Shore' Sophie fired in race row The rowdy reality TV stars head to Australia for the new series. 'Geordie Shore: Down Under' First Look Gaz Beadle, Holly Hagan and Sophie Kasaei address students at prestigious university. 'Geordie Shore' cast at Oxford Union Stars reveal why some of them have fallen out and discuss being attacked by Rita Ora. Geordie Shore cast: 'We're not speaking' The MTV reality TV stars head off on a stag and hen tour. Geordie Shore Europe specials - picture The gang trek across Europe on the ultimate stag and hen parties in the fifth series. 'Geordie Shore' new trailer unveiled The cast will visit Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague and Tignes for series five. 'Geordie Shore' goes on European tour Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, Sophie Kasaei attract the singer's attention using Twitter. Cheryl Cole meets 'Geordie Shore' girls Sophie reduces co-stars to tears after announcing her exit on tonight's episode. 'Geordie Shore' Sophie leaves show - vid Holly Hagan does her first topless shoot for Nuts magazine. 'Geordie' Holly: So much sex this series Watch the first episode of the MTV reality show's summer special in full. 'Geordie Shore' Cancun special - watch Two members of Geordie Shore are booted out in the first episode. 'Geordie' duo kicked out of Cancun house A new trailer for the reality show's Chaos in Cancun special. Geordie Shore 'Sexico in Mexico' video See the cast of the MTV reality show as you've never seen them before. 'Geordie Shore' do 'Downton Abbey': pics There will be new housemates in the fourth series of the MTV reality show. 'Geordie Shore' casting for series four An exclusive first look at the home of the Geordie Shore cast in Mexico. 'Geordie Shore' Cancun villa - Pictures The third series of Geordie Shore will be filmed in Cancun, Mexico. 'Geordie Shore' to film series in Mexico Digital Spy heads out in Newcastle with the cast of Geordie Shore. Bosh! Digital Spy parties with 'Geordie Shore' The stars of Geordie Shore clash at a special screening of series two. 'Geordie Shore' cast in launch bust-up The Geordie Shore cast talk series two, pulling and fake tan. 'Geordie Shore' cast interviews - video The iOS app enables fans to keep up with the Twitter buzz around the MTV show. Geordie Shore Twitter buzz app launches Geordie Shore's cast are launching a doner kebab meat perfume. 'Geordie Shore' launch kebab perfume Watch a preview clip of Geordie Shore series two. 'Geordie Shore' series two video preview New promo pictures for Geordie Shore series two are revealed. 'Geordie Shore' season two: New pictures The Geordie Shore cast are angry with X Factor's Frankie Cocozza. 'Geordie Shore' cast angry with Cocozza Watch the hilarious Eau de Geordie promo video for Geordie Shore series two. Geordie Shore series 2 perfume ad - vid Watch a trailer for Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei's weight-loss documentary. 'Geordie Shore' Sophie documentary video The Geordie Shore cast become "incestuous" in series two. 'Geordie Shore' series two 'outrageous' Geordie Shore stars get drunk and party in the capital. 'Geordie Shore' party in London - pics Digital Spy gives you an exclusive tour of the new Geordie Shore home. 'Geordie Shore' series two: First Look The Geordie Shore cast deliver a festive message to Reality Bites. 'Geordie Shore' cast talk Xmas, New Year First look at the two new Geordie Shore stars Ricci Guarnaccio and Rebecca Walker. 'Geordie Shore': Meet new stars - pics Geordie Shore series two is given an air date by MTV. 'Geordie Shore' return date revealed Reality Bites gets all the gossip with the lasses of Geordie Shore. 'Geordie Shore' girls on sex, series two Reality Bites checks in on Magaluf with the cast of Geordie Shore. 'Geordie Shore: Magaluf Madness' - recap Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei reveals an embarrassing one-night stand incident. 'Geordie Shore' Sophie reveals Magaluf Spanx embarrassment Digital Spy gets friendly with the girls from MTV's Geordie Shore. Charlotte, Vicky, Sophie, Holly ('Geordie Shore')